Intelligent autopiloting for worry-free cloud operations

We believe that the future of IT operations is in DevOps, AI, and data science. We provide outstanding solutions and services in the realm of Kubernetes and cloud automation. Our solutions increase the performance and availability of your applications and provide automation and actionable intelligence for IT operations, all based on world renowned cloud and network research.

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We believe in the power of intelligent automation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods are applied across a wide number of domains to achieve automation. Today’s computers are fully capable of recognizing speech, giving personalized movie recommendations, and operating self-driving cars. Therefore, machine learning and AI are great enablers of automation. We believe that machine learning and AI should be more extensively applied to automate IT operations. Just like we can build self-driving cars, we should build self-driving computer systems.

Computer systems should collect and make sense of operational data on their own. And they should then use this knowledge to fine-tune system behavior. Such autonomous systems relieve your DevOps or IT staff from boring tasks. Instead, they can focus on what matters: improving your unique service offering and processes.

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Elastisys is both a Technical and a Service Partner of Kubernetes, one of very few in Europe. This makes us the obvious choice for companies that wish to accelerate their Kubernetes success stories. We have a lot of experience setting up highly available clusters and developing applications. Also, our smart tools ensure that capacity is allocated correctly. Because our predictive auto-scaling solution scales both your cluster, and the number of Pods in it, you can worry about other things.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Elastisys is a CNCF silver member, helping to shape the cloud native landscape. Todays infrastructure landscape is complex and ever changing. How should you architect your application environment to keep it future proof and also deliver on critical uptime and performance requirements? Based on our extensive experience, we help guide you on your cloud native journey.

Red Hat

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Elastisys is a Red Hat partner, specializing in OpenShift deployment and support. Leveraging our broad microservices, open source and container orchestration knowledge, we help you design and implement the best OpenShift environment for your use cases.

Our services

Contact us if you have online applications or services where a good user experience is a competitive advantage. Do you want to spend time worrying less about IT, and more focusing on your core business? Hire our tech team as consultants to build that missing piece of your puzzle. Do you want to be inspired or just have a chat? Don’t hesitate, we’d love to hear from you!

DevOps & cloud services

We help through the whole DevOps and cloud journey: from architecture to automation, CM, and orchestration. We have many years experience of helping companies get up and running with all popular cloud vendors and DevOps tools such as Docker, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Terraform.

Kubernetes & cloud native services

We are global Kubernetes partners that design, build, and operate Kubernetes clusters. We excel in creation of self-healing, self- managing, and self-optimizing infrastructures based on Kubernetes and related cloud native projects. Download our white paper on how to achieve high availability Kubernetes clusters.

Applied AI & data science services

Based on our close research ties, we collaborate with R&D departments at organizations who want to apply cutting edge AI and data science research for IT infrastructure automation in order to pave the way for their business offerings of the future.

Our Solutions

Elastisys has been in business since 2011. Our background in cloud research goes back even further than that. Our long experience and many projects over the years have given us great feedback and input to solutions that make a big difference to our customers. DevOps, automation, analytics, intelligence, insights, … you name it. Our solutions are custom-made to fit your needs, whether in the cloud or on-premise. We know your core business is not in running IT operations, so our solutions are made with that in mind. This is how we provide worry-free IT operations. Worry-free IT is always available and has enough capacity to serve its needs. Our technology ensures that capacity is available now both for current and future needs:

Read about some of our selected solutions by clicking the links below.

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Come work with us

We are always looking for outstanding individuals with backgrounds in computer science, data science, or mathematics that want to be part of our phenomenal team. Join us in building the next generation of autonomous, intelligent systems for cloud and network applications! Elastisys is spin-off from Europe’s strongest research group in cloud management. Our work environment is highly multi-cultural, open, and we are passionate about constant learning. Get in touch if you want to work closely together with some of the sharpest minds out there and share our passion for working on the cutting edge of technology and research. Together, we can make our vision that data-driven and intelligent automation is the future for IT operations come true. We currently look for for software engineers both with DevOps and data science or analytics experience.
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